Cannabis Legalization, Which States Will Be Voting in 2016

Come election day this November, there are nine states with some sort of cannabis legislation on their ballots. Below you will find information on what voters will be deciding come November 8, 2016.

Arizona – adult use

Prop 205, Arizona’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative would allow adults 21 and up to posses and use one ounce or less and grow up to six plants.


Arkansas – medical use

The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act is on the ballot this year, for more information take a look at Arkansas for Compassionate Care (sponsors)


California – adult use

Medical cannabis has already been legal since 1996. Prop 64 would legalize cannabis for adult use to people 21 years and older.


Florida – medical use

People United for Medical Care are pushing Amendment 2 which will legalize cannabis for medicinal use for specific diseases including cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, PTSD, ALS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s and MS. If passed, physicians will be able to write prescriptions for cannabis to those suffering comparable conditions.


Maine – adult use

A yes vote will legalize cannabis for adult use for ages 21 and up. Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry will regulate retail sales and a 10% tax will be placed on all cannabis sales.


Massachusetts – adult use

Legalization of cannabis with regulations similar to how the state regulates alcohol.


Montana – amendment to current legislation

Initiative I-182 will adjust the current laws to allow more patients access to medical cannabis. Providers will also be able to hire workers for cultivation, dispensing, and transporting to patients.


Nevada – adult use

21 and over will be able to posses and use cannabis up to one ounce.


North Dakota – medical use

Called the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act, people suffering from cancer, AIDS, hepatitis c, ALS, glaucoma, and epilepsy will have access to medical cannabis with a specific ID card.

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