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Scott Prock

I used to think “medicinal” marijuana was just an excuse to get high.

When I was a kid marijuana was something a lot of us “stoners” used to do on a frequent basis. Yes I said KID, between the ages of 13-17 (and into part of my early adult life) I smoked pot on occasion. I thought as long as I never purchased any for myself, I didn’t have to worry about becoming addicted or it being harmful. BTW, the best way to keep it from the kids today is regulating the legal sale and use.

Check out this Medical Cannabis Documentary!

The stoner phase didn’t last long in my life, and I remember when California legalized for medical. I thought how could people be so naive to think all those medical card holders needed pot for “medical” reasons. YA RIGHT!?!?!

I always had the view of a typical old school conservative that marijuana had not benefit except to get you high.

Then something changed how I saw CANNABIS …

About seven or so years ago I happened to stumble across part of a documentary about the positive uses of cannabis. The clip I remember was how this individual being filmed had MS. The MS was so severe that he couldn’t function, I mean his muscle twitches were frequent and violent. A friend helped him take a hit from a pipe and within a couple of minutes his muscles calmed. He could speak, he could sit still, he could hold on to things. Bottom line, it was a dramatic life altering transformation.

After seeing that clip, I have watched as many cannabis related documentaries I could find. Netflix used to have several. I still seek out documentaries or shows related to cannabis today.

We have a child with autism, and while we’re fortunate he’s progressed without the need for drugs, I see countless news stories about children who benefit greatly from the use of cannabis. I am outraged our government is still holding onto the lie that there’s no medicinal use for cannabis.

So when my cousin asked me if I wanted to help him build a company in the cannabis market, I said “HECKING YEAH” (inside joke with our Rylan)

Now I’m using my skills as a graphic/web designer to help market, and spread the word about the benefits of cannabis.